5 Negative Impacts of Workplace Violence on Workers

     Workplace violence is the incidents where workers threated of physical or verbal violence, intimidation, harassment, or other threatening disruptive behavior by people either from outside or within the working environment. It may ...

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5 Common Recruitment Mistakes

     Recruiting a new employee needs some real effort. Recruiters should complete several steps, from posting job advertisements, selecting application letters and CVs, conducting job interviews, to checking references—before fin ...

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5 Benefits of Hiring Employees with Disabilities

     In Indonesia, efforts to provide protection and rights for workers with disabilities without discrimination have been regulated in Law No. 8 year 2016 on People with Disabilities. In this case, people with disabilities can be empl ...

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4 Tips to Use Office Facilities Wisely

     Every company usually provides various facilities to support the employees’ productivity. Facilities that are commonly provided are the internet connection, personal computers, telephones, or even cars.     &nbs ...

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4 Things To Do Before Having an Online Job Interview

     The e-recruitment phenomenon indicates a trend shift in the hiring process. Besides much cheaper than offline recruitment, e-recruitment also helps employers gain more employees from other cities or even other countries. Therefore ...

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4 Most Popular Freelance Jobs

     You may have familiar with the term of freelancer. It is a term used to describe someone who has a job which is not associated to a long contract and working hour. Becoming a freelancer is the choice taken by many students because ...

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Never Do These 4 Things or Get Blacklisted by Employers

     Looking for a job is challenging. Getting a job that fulfills your dream is even more challenging. Especially for fresh graduates who are considered to have minimal experience. There are various stages before reaching the position ...

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How to Sit at Your Desk Properly While Working

     Do you often feel the pain of your whole body after a long day at your desk? Most of our jobs require us to stay in front of the computer for the entire day, which mainly explains the increasing number of people suffering from the ...

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5 Games Recommendation to Strengthen Solidarity between Employees

     Companies held outings or create team-building games to build solidarity and provoke interaction between employees. The activities that aim to strengthen team-building must provide insight, education, and fun at the same time. The ...

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3 Basic Differences between Permanent and Contract Employments

     Companies can use different types of employment to meet various labor needs. In general, there are permanent and contract employments.      There are several differences between permanent and contract positions. ...

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Job Interview Tips: Before, During, and After the Interview Process

     Job interview is one of stages in the recruitment process that must be carried out by the job-seekers. Because of this, job interview can be stressful for some people. Without preparation, you may fail in the interview process. Th ...

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How to Reduce Employee Theft Risk

     In late 2020, there was an employee theft case in a procurement company located in South Jakarta. The misconduct was organized by general affairs staff and supervisor, civil supervisor, and an office boy.      &n ...

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