How to Keep HR Confidential Information

Every company has information that must be kept confidential for the sake of the organization and its employees. A breach of confidentiality data will affect employees or even the company's security. HR often collects sensitive information. Th ...

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How to Resign Properly from the Job

It is normal for any employee to resign. One may leave the company for various reasons. They may be focused on taking care of their family, building their own businesses, moving workplaces, or other reasons. For any reasonable reason, the company mus ...

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How Background Check Spots Candidate’s Red Flags

As an employer, you surely want to hire the best talent. You might find a good match for your company when looking at their resume or even in assessments and interviews. Then should you set aside things written their on resume and proceed with your c ...

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6 Signs You Are a Workaholic

Work is basically done by people to be productive and to earn money. Some people also think that a person's self-worth lies in their hard work. They work hard to prove themselves capable of advancing their career in the company. But without reali ...

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How to Survive When Pandemic Crashes The Job Market

Countries around the world experience the return of recession lead by the COVID-19 pandemic. The inevitable impact of an economic downturn is the surge of unemployment.  U.S. Congressional Research Service on 12 January 2021 noted that the un ...

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