6 Signs You Are a Workaholic

Work is basically done by people to be productive and to earn money. Some people also think that a person's self-worth lies in their hard work. They work hard to prove themselves capable of advancing their career in the company. But without realizing it, they may become a workaholic. 


It is good for you to hard work and be the best employee in the company and win awards. But if you are too ambitious at work, maybe you are a workaholic. Instead of being a hard worker, being a workaholic actually harms you. You lose time to rest, gather with family and friends, and you are even prone to physical and mental illnesses in the future. To know the signs, consider the following points:


  1. Never take breaks

A workaholic has a very bad working style and will never take a break. Even after months of continuous work, you did not go on vacation. A workaholic feels fun at work, feeling obsessed with working more and longer. You do it until the evenings and days off for work. You are always thinking about how to spend more time working than doing other activities. 


  1. Lazy to socialize

A workaholic doesn’t care about work-life balance. You frequently miss out on family events and other personal tasks because you are too much attached to their work. You think it's a waste of time that could otherwise be spent working. Even if your family or close friends have warned you to reduce work, you tend to ignore it. If you started to feel these symptoms, you need to be careful.


  1. Anxious during holiday

Generally, everyone will look forward to the time off to get together with their friends and family. People can spend their time trying new culinary menus, going to the beach, and having a staycation. People need to take a break from tiring office activities after a week of work.


But if you are a workaholic, you don't feel the moment that many people are waiting for. You feel the opposite, feeling anxious because you want to get back to work and don't enjoy your day off in peace. You keep thinking about assigned projects and even bring your laptop to work while on vacation with your friends. 


  1. Never satisfied

It is very difficult for you to relax. You often feel the need to get just a few more tasks done before you can feel good about yourself. When you complete the tasks, you find just a few more that you need to complete, and then a few more. You often feel that you must complete certain tasks, even though you do not want to, yet you are too scared to stop. These uncontrollable desires often result in frantic.


  1. You are irritable

Another way to identify workaholics is you are bound to be irritable. No matter how much you work, you feel that your workload does not decrease. For this reason, people find it hard to approach you and even hold a proper conversation with you. If you think you are becoming a workaholic, you should try to change your ways or suffer in time to come.


  1. Not aware of this condition

The last signs can indicate that you are a workaholic who is not aware of this condition or realizing the impact that this condition can cause. Instead of admitting that you are a workaholic, you claim that you are just working hard. Maybe, your reasons to work continuously are to get a promotion, a salary increase, or impress colleagues and superiors.

Author: SAK




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