How to Resign Properly from the Job

It is normal for any employee to resign. One may leave the company for various reasons. They may be focused on taking care of their family, building their own businesses, moving workplaces, or other reasons. For any reasonable reason, the company must still give their rights.

In industrial relations, the rights of resigned employees have been regulated in the Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower. There are several entitlements that you will receive upon resignation.

Suppose you are an employee who wants to resign. You can send a resignation letter about a month before you quit your job. Before knowing your entitlements, here are some obligations that you need to fulfil before you stop working:

  1. Submit resignation letter

This is the first step that you must do. You must submit a written resignation letter no later than 30 days before the date of resignation. The purpose of this action is to give sufficient time for your employer to find your replacement.

  1. Continue to carry out duties until the date of resignation

The last obligation that needs to be fulfilled is to keep working and completing the project according to your job description until the date of your resignation arrives. Even though the company accept your resignation, doesn’t mean you can leave your tasks unfinished. Before the due date, you are still bound by a company contract and are an employee where you work. This is also a form of your responsibility as an employee for a joint agreement with the company.

After you have taken the above conditions for resigning from the company, the following are the entitlement that you can get when you resign:

  • Severance payment

You are entitled to get severance payment from the company where you work. This payment can be interpreted as reward money for your performance after several periods of work. Each company will differ in providing the severance pay. You have to read the contract or company’s regulation carefully to examine how much you will get from them. 

  1. Remaining annual leave allowance

If you still have the annual leave allowance at the resignation date, the remaining annual leave can be cashed. How to calculate it is different for each company, depending on the company’s policies and regulations.

  1. Return fare

You are entitled to receive a return fare upon resignation if you are an employee who the company transferred. For example, if you sign a work contract in Jakarta and transferred to East Java, you will get the return fare. 




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