5 Common Recruitment Mistakes

     Recruiting a new employee needs some real effort. Recruiters should complete several steps, from posting job advertisements, selecting application letters and CVs, conducting job interviews, to checking references—before finally determining potential candidates. 

     After conducting those steps, you would hope to find someone suitable to run a job in your company. Taking the right approach means the HR division can avoid common hiring mistakes. It is important to start on the right path and continue with that approach.

     The following are common mistakes that often made in the recruitment process:

  1. Vague job descriptions

     Usually, job advertisements only list the positions required without clear job descriptions. It makes job seekers also confused about this kind of job advertisement.

     Please describe the job clearly such as the position, main responsibilities, location, and the required qualification. Avoid offering seductive facilities for applicants, this could be seen as a fake job advertisement.

  1. Neglecting background checks

     One of the most common mistakes that a recruiter makes is neglecting background checks. No matter what candidates include on their resumes, you need to check their background. Make sure their work experience is valid and there are no criminal records on your candidates. 

  1. Being discriminatory

      As a recruiter, you must be able to be fair and neutral. You should avoid being discriminatory by comparing employees in terms of gender, age, skin color, and ethnicity.

     Choose candidates who meet the criteria your company needs based on their skills or perhaps from their work experience. Thus, you will be considered as a professional HR division.

  1. Bad interviews

     Interviews are an important opportunity to know your candidate better. If you do it unscheduled and unstructured, you would likely waste the opportunity of finding the best employee. Therefore, make sure you have prepared everything before meet your candidate.

     Set a schedule and place for the job interview. Compile a list of questions that you will ask during the interview process to get some detail about your candidate and compare responses. 

  1. Slow recruitment

    As a recruiter, you should not do the hiring too slow. The candidates should not wait too long without clear information from your company whether they were hired or not.

     The experienced recruiter will have the right time to announce the results of the recruitment. You can take one to two weeks to announce the results of the selection. After that, immediately contact the candidate who passed and invite them to discuss the job offer you gave



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