4 Tips to Use Office Facilities Wisely

     Every company usually provides various facilities to support the employees’ productivity. Facilities that are commonly provided are the internet connection, personal computers, telephones, or even cars.

     Employees have the right to use office facilities but must be responsible for taking care of those facilities. Moreover, office facilities should be used only for office purposes, not for personal use. Here are some tips for employees to use office facilities wisely:

  1. Understand the rules to use office facilities

     You have to understand the rules regarding the use of office facilities. If you do not understand them well, you should ask the division that regulates the rules to avoid misperceptions. 

     You can ask your HR or your supervisor about the rules for using the facilities in the office. Therefore,  you can use the office facilities based on the rules that have been set.

  1. You are not the only one who use the facilities, please be wise

     Even though you have the authority to use office facilities, you must also use them wisely. Just because the company gives you facilities doesn’t mean you can use them arbitrarily. 

     For example, when using office internet facilities, you should not stream tons of videos as it will trouble the whole internet connection at the office.

  1. Quickly respond to rule changes

       When you are provided office facilities, you have to be up to date with the rule changes regarding office facilities. Do not be ignorant. 

      Always be informed of additions, changes, or reductions in facilities. Do not make a mistake because you are not well informed about the changes in office facilities use rules.

  1. Focus on work only

     Every employee should focus on getting the job done. Do not waste your time for too long in not doing any assignments. If you do, it means you use the office facilities for personal gain. For example, you waste your time visiting websites that are not related to your assignments.



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