5 Negative Impacts of Workplace Violence on Workers

     Workplace violence is the incidents where workers threated of physical or verbal violence, intimidation, harassment, or other threatening disruptive behavior by people either from outside or within the working environment. It may involve employees, customers, and clients. 

    Exposure to violence in the workplace can lead to serious consequences for employees. It appears that psychological and emotional aspects are the factors on which violence has the most negative impact. 

    In March 2021, violence in the workplace occurred at Subang-based PT Taekwang. A foreign supervisor was caught reprimanding his female employee with verbal and physical violence. Catching her breaking the company’s regulation of eating rule at work, he approached her violently and kicking the employee’s food. In the end, the company’s management decided to terminate the foreign worker.

    Workplace violence also occurred in government office within the same month. A custom staff was proven to have committed physical violence against new staff at the Jayapura office. The investigation proved of excessive behavior towards new staff during coaching. After the incident, all new staffs who have experienced physical abuse have been given mental strengthening and protection handled directly by Papua’s Head of Custom.

     The following list are the effects of workplace violence:

Decrease quality of work

     A worker who has abusive colleagues or superiors is likely to decrease his/her enthusiasm for work. Perhaps, he/she rarely attended meetings for eschewing. It will affect aspects of their assignments which can lead to decreased performance.

Sleep deprivation

    Victims of workplace violence may have disturbance in their sleep. It because they overthink their problems. As they have sleep deprivation, it may interfere with their ability to focus on work which can make their work environment more uncomfortable. 

Decrease mental health

     The violence that occurs in the workplace may have an impact on psychology. Several conditions that can be occurred by victims include anxiety disorders, panic attack, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), feeling bad luck, and guilty. 

Physical injury

     When someone has physical violence by colleagues or superiors, it is very possible that they got a physical injury. The injuries may occur from minor to serious injuries. It will be detrimental to that person, especially when he/she has to pay for the treatment. In addition, any injuries sustained may result in permanent disability.

Loss of confidence

     Workers who have experienced violence, may feel unconfident. It is because their job may not be appropriate, so their superior reprimands through violence. From this, they think that whatever they do is always wrong. So that they are always unconfident on what they have done.




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