How to Keep HR Confidential Information

Every company has information that must be kept confidential for the sake of the organization and its employees. A breach of confidentiality data will affect employees or even the company's security.

HR often collects sensitive information. Thus, HR has a responsibility to secure sensitive information. For example, HR holds the employee's social security number information. If the information is leaked, it will cause employees identity theft.

 In addition, HR also stores information about employee performance and salary. If the information is leaked to other employees, it will lead to employee dissatisfaction. So what can HR professionals do to manage sensitive information? Here are the top 5 tips:

  1. Ensure every computer is on secure circumstance

If your workbench is around your colleagues or in a public area, make sure that your screen is not facing the people pass by. Do not share your password or write it on notes in your work area. Also, shut down your computer when you have done work and want to go home.

  1. Lock the cabinet where you store sensitive documents

If you keep sensitive documents in the cabinet, don't forget to keep them locked. Besides, make sure only HR employees can bring the key. Do not leave the key in the work area or leave it with another department. 

  1. Provide training on information security

By providing training, it will help employees understand information confidentiality. Not only how to avoid the leak of the company’s sensitive information, but also about how the HR handles their private information. 

Not everyone can understand that some information should be kept confidential. Therefore, Hr should make sure all employees are aware of the importance of protecting HR information. 

  1. Avoid sending a text about sensitive information

The recruiters usually use text messaging to communicate with candidates and employees. Texting is an effective way to get an immediate response for confirming receipt of documents, interview time, and office address. 

However, this method is also risky since the text contains the candidate’s identity information. Therefore, it is better to avoid sending a message that contains the candidate’s private information.




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